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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 02/1996:
    Demnächst von BLIZZARD:


    Die bahnbrechende Strategie-Simulation!

    Regieren Sie ferne Galaxien in einer hochtechnisierten Science-Fiction-Welt.

    Super-Grafik in 3D!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (257068) on Apr 08, 2010.

PC Gamer magazine Vol 4. No. 7 - July 1997, p.31:




    The largest, most sophisticated game universe ever created is at your control.


    Select one of 16 pre-designed species or create your own race.
    Explore up to 800 unique worlds.
    Negotiate alliances and treaties with foreign powers.
    Manage sophisticated intelligence operations.
    Exploit hundreds of research and development technologies.
    Engage in real time tactical combat.
    Go head-to-head against up to 16 LAN or internet players.

    Product Information Number 326

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (63272) on Jan 12, 2006.

Advertisement in PC Games, December 1997 (German):




    *Voraussichtliche Verfügbarkeit der Ware im Handel

    Contributed by Xoleras (66521) on Mar 02, 2005.

Press Release:

    Blizzard Entertainment Sells Rights to Pax Imperia II

    Irvine, CA, August 6th, 1996 -- Blizzard Entertainment announced today that the company has sold all rights for Pax Imperia 2 to THQ, Inc., a developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for PC and console systems.

    Blizzard sold the rights as part of THQ's recent acquisition of Heliotrope Studios, Pax Imperia's developer. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    Said Allen Adham, president and founder of Blizzard Entertainment, "We recognized that Pax Imperia was a strategic element of THQ's acquisition of Heliotrope, and we felt that selling the rights to the game was in the best interest of everyone involved. THQ and Heliotrope now have the opportunity to complete development of Pax Imperia 2, and we can focus our attention and resources on our upcoming titles."

    Blizzard titles under development include Diablo, a role-playing game, scheduled for release this fall, and Starcraft, a real-time strategy game of interstellar combat, due out this winter.

    # # #

    Blizzard Entertainment is a premier publisher of next-generation entertainment software. The company's Warcraft II title has sold nearly one million copies worldwide and has earned top industry honors including Game of the Year. Blizzard is a division of Davidson & Associates, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CUC International, Inc.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76329) on Apr 22, 2004.

Box Cover:
    [Box cover, front inside flap:]

    PAX IMPERIA was the ground-breaking, award-winning best seller of 1993. PAX IMPERIA: EMINENT DOMAIN again redefines the space strategy genre.

    EXPLORE WORLDS Your universe is as vast as you deem it to be. Explore and colonize hundreds of inhabitable worlds in one of the largest game universes ever created. No two games will ever be the same!

    DEVELOP COLONIES Once colonies are established, they can either be left alone or carefully managed. To excel in this gigantic real-time environment you will have to juggle economics, research and develop hundreds of technologies, build your planet's assets, and establish solid domestic and foreign relations. Your trusted advisors will assist you, but the fate of your people lies with you, and you alone.

    CREATE YOUR SPECIES With the ability to create your own species, or to use one of the game's pre-designed aliens, contact will always be eventful. Intentions will be unknown…treaties made and broken…trust won and lost.

    CONTROL AND CONQUER Occasionally fellow emperors just will not listen to reason. Research, design, and deploy massive armadas. Take control of a revolutionary in-game combat engine and wage battle across your universe. Soon, there will be no question as to whose universe it is!

    COMPETE HEAD-TO-HEAD There will be others who try to call the universe their own. Up to 16 emperors or computer opponents go head-to-head via modem, LAN or Internet connection.

    [Box cover, back]

    * Explore and colonize hundreds of inhabitable worlds for infinite playability

    * Research and develop over 300 technologies

    * Manage the development of your planets' precious resources

    * Forge strategic alliances and treaties with other empires

    * Subvert and undermine your enemies

    * Create a species suitable to your needs

    * Crush all resistance using Pax's revolutionary combat engine

    * Go head-to-head - 16 computer or human opponents battle over modem, LAN or the Internet

    "Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain emerges with even more depth, flexibility and elegance than the original!" --Computer Gaming World

    "A must-have for gamers hungering for that ultimate conquer-the-galaxy strategy game!" --Computer Game Entertainment

    "This one should be on the radar screen of any sci-fi strategy aficionado." --Computer and Net Player

    PAX IMPERIA: EMINENT DOMAIN Strategy Guide available from Prima Publishing

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3233) on Jun 04, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    The alien races in this universe aren't communicating through songs-, they want your resources, and your blood. Build an armada of warships, colonize hundreds of planets, and throw it full force at an enemy you will not understand. Unlimited playability, custom species, custom ship design, 16 players over a network, realtime combat, and a slew of other options.

    Contributed by Shane Schrupp (10) on Oct 22, 2000.