Alley Cat (PC Booter)

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Written by  :  Kitty Says Meow (33)
Written on  :  Apr 02, 2007
Platform  :  PC Booter
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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An adorable 80's memory that still works!

The Good

Most games that are this "old" don't run very well on newer machines, or don't run at all. This game, however, ran perfectly and was a true testament to early gaming.

I loved the cat concept (I'm a cat lover, myself) and the objectives and obstacles that you needed to negotiate were right-on for an alley cat, such as avoiding larger and more territorial toms and navigating your way from housewives who don't like you.

There were several mini-games included, and you accessed these by sneaking your way into open windows. These were entertaining and again, very, very cute.

I also found the game comical. It didn't take itself too seriously and I replay it constantly for the sheer entertainment value of it all. There aren't many more games that feature cats as a protagonist and I think this should be a glaring hint to developers ;-).

The Bad

It's hard to say, because I always remember that I need to evaluate games within their proper era. For its time, I think it did a wonderful job. The only thing that I found annoying was the sound, but again, that's just a time-period thing.

The Bottom Line

Fun, cute, and good for all ages. Sometimes the controls got clunky, but that's forgivable due to its nature.