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Archon: The Light and the Dark Screenshots (PC Booter)

User Screenshots

PC Booter version

Archon Title Screen
The game board and pieces
The sorceress summons an elemental to attack a valkyrie
The wizard selects which creature he wants to bring back from the dead
Imprisoned units can not be used for a while. Black creatures are freed when night falls, light creatures when it is noon
Combat: white wizard dodges black dragon's fireball
Combat: white phoenix turns in to a ball of flames, but the black manticore is not within the range of this attack
The dark side controls all five powerpoints and thus wins the game
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The players arrive on the board (CGA with composite monitor)
Moving a knight (CGA with composite monitor)
Battle! Lookout, white! (CGA with composite monitor)
Knight moves, there's going to be a battle... (CGA with composite monitor)
White Phoenix attacks black... (CGA with composite monitor)
The black goblin makes a move (CGA with composite monitor)