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Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Screenshots (PC Booter)

User Screenshots

PC Booter version

Title Screen -- Backward swastika?
gameplay 2
gameplay 3
Main menu (CGA, RGB)
Put 'em up, Fritzie! (CGA, RGB)
Poor on ammo - this dead guy didn't have any. (CGA, RGB)
Tallying my possessions after rummaging through a closet (CGA, RGB)
The plot thickens! (CGA, RGB)
Brandishing a dagger (CGA, RGB)
The all-caps BOMB is ticking! (CGA, RGB)
Going up? (CGA, RGB)
Sneaking the BOMB through a room full of guards (CGA, RGB)
Der Fuhrer, busy goose-stepping and HEILing (CGA, RGB)
The end: we're out - run to the hills! (CGA, RGB)
The 'hidden' title screen, for CGA with a composite monitor.
In-game however, the RGB graphics data is used as-is (CGA, composite)
Mission accomplished! (CGA, composite)