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Jumpman Screenshots (PC Booter)

User Screenshots

PC Booter version

Company logos (PCjr)
Title screen (PCjr)
The main menu (PCjr)
The first level (PCjr)
Avoid the robots here (PCjr)
Each level has a different name and theme (PCjr)
Jumping over a gap (PCjr)
Bombs away! (PCjr)
Flying saucers causing some trouble (PCjr)
This level looks simple; what could be the hidden challenge? (PCjr)
Floating platform in the middle. (PCjr)
Risers and Sliders. (PCjr)
The bombs move on this level! (PCjr)
On this level, each time that you grab a bomb, a barrier appears! (PCjr)
Watch out for falling hail! (PCjr)
Grab the objects in the middle for bonus points. (PCjr)
Company logos (CGA with composite monitor)
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Gameplay on an easy level (CGA with composite monitor)
Climbing a ladder... (CGA with composite monitor)
Credits page (CGA with RGB monitor)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
In-game action (CGA with RGB monitor)
Level 01 (CGA with RGB monitor)
Level 16 (CGA with RGB monitor)