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King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne Screenshots (PC Booter)

User Screenshots

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The game introduction (CGA with composite monitor)
The game begins here (CGA with composite monitor)
I don't see anything special here, do you? (CGA with composite monitor)
Yes, I am indeed thinking of crossing this bridge... (CGA with composite monitor)
Protective spells are always helpful (CGA with composite monitor)
A little antique shop is here... (CGA with composite monitor)
The beginning location (CGA with RGB monitor)
I wonder who lives in this cozy little cottage? (CGA with RGB monitor)
A wolf!! Good thing I saved early and saved often... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Little Red Riding Hood is here (CGA with RGB monitor)
Wandering, lost in the forest... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Hmm, a monastary (CGA with RGB monitor)
The monk doesn't seem interested in speaking with me (CGA with RGB monitor)
Introduction. (PCjr)
Start of the game. (PCjr)
Seashore. (PCjr)
Little Red Riding Hood. (PCjr)
Near the poisoned lake. (PCjr)
A nice little home. (PCjr)
Grandma. (PCjr)
The church. (PCjr)
Maybe the monks here will help Graham? (PCjr)
In the church. (PCjr)
Rockly mountain nearby. (PCjr)
The Batmobile! (PCjr)
A tree house. (PCjr)
Ladder. (PCjr)
Can I borrow a cup of sugar? (PCjr)
Ow... I feel pain. (PCjr)
Clam. (PCjr)
Swimming. (PCjr)
Antique shop and corny joke. (PCjr)
Flowers. (PCjr)
Great... I'm a frog now. (PCjr)
An ad for the Black Cauldron on a tree. (PCjr)
Bridge. (PCjr)
Door. (PCjr)