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Written by  :  WizardX (117)
Written on  :  Jul 15, 2003
Platform  :  PC Booter

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A good idea wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy ahead of its time

The Good

I was 10 when I picked this up. The idea of an interactive comic book on my computer was just too cool for words. And it was actually pretty good. The writing was no worse (snicker) than most comics of the time, and the interactivity was a big bonus - there were a lot of branching points, and you had to go through it quite a number of times to see everything. Plus the graphic effects to simulate a comic book were pretty nifty. (vector-scaled zoom-ins on "panels" and such)

The Bad

The CGA graphics were pretty bad, although I'm not sure if an EGA version of this would have been do-able on computers of the day. (still a lot of 4 mhz machines out there) And the PC beeper sound effects were horrible - even 10 year old me recognized that.

The Bottom Line

Had Infocom waited on this a couple years for technology to improve, it could have done well. The low price *could* have been to its advantage if properly marketed. Alas, it didn't happen - but these are definately the precursors to the CD-ROM "Interactive Movies" we all came to know and loathe.