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Microsoft Flight Simulator (v1.0) Ad Blurbs (PC Booter)

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Advertising Blurbs

Magazine advertisement:

    If flying your IBM® PC got any more realistic, you'd need a license.

    You took off from Boston-Logan with nothing above you but blue sky. Now you're 5,000 feet over Long Island Sound, and New York-La Guardia, your destination airport, reports high winds. Connecticut-Bridgeport is the logical alternative, but clouds with a low ceiling are going to make life difficult. You're in for an instrument approach...
    The plane inside your PC. Run the Microsoft® Flight Simulator on your IBM Personal Computer, and put yourself in the pilot's seat of a Cessna 182. You control everything from flaps and ailerons right down to the magneto switch. You can even navigate using radio signals and fly totally by instruments if you run into bad weather. Best of all, Flight Simulator features a full-color, out-the-window flight display. With detailed graphics that closely simulate a pilot's actual perspective.
    The world beneath your fingers. Once you're in flight, don't worry about running out of airspace. You can take off and land at over 20 airports from Los Angeles to New York. Each, with its own particular set of challenges.
    The learning curve. In its "easy" mode, the Flight Simulator gives new pilots an aircraft which readily forgives errors in flight, engine control, and navigation. As you gain skill, move into "reality" mode. Then get ready for simulations of everything from running out of fuel to carburetor icing.
    The Ace in your soul. When you think you've earned your wings, turn the clock back for a round of "British Ace". Fly into a World War I air battle complete with scouting flights, bombing runs and hair-raising dogfights. Destroy your targets, shoot down the enemy fighters, and you just might survive to be decorated.
    Throttle on. Take a test flight at your computer store or software dealer. Once you've been aloft, you'll want to buckle up behind your own IBM PC with the Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's the closest you can get to flying. Without leaving your nest.

    Contributed by vileyn0id_8088 (21106) on Aug 02, 2014.

From the back of the box:
    Microsoft Flight Simulator is a highly accurate simulation of flight in a single-engine aircraft. Its working instruments, panoramic out-the-window graphics view and real-time flight conditions will give you the excitement of flying in a real plane.

    Adaptable to any interest or ability level, Flight Simulator can be flown in an easy flight mode that is specifically tailored for beginners. After you master the fundamentals of flight, you can move to the reality mode and fly in even more realistic situations.

    Flight Simulator gives you full use of the flight instruments and controls. This instrumentation is so accurate that it meets the FAA regulations (part 91.33) for day and night, visual and instrument flight conditions.

    And Flight Simulator includes over 20 different airports with varied and highly detailed terrain at each location. You can alter environmental factors like the weather, time of day and season to simulate the same flight conditions a pilot faces.

    For a change of pace, you can choose the "British Ace" game mode and transform your flight world into World War I Europe. You'll fly across enemy lines, shoot down enemy fighters, hit bombing targets and try to keep yourself from being shot down.

    The Creator: Flight Simulator for the IBM PC was developed for Microsoft by Bruce A. Artwick of Sublogic.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Aug 17, 2001.