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atari breakout

Advertising Blurbs

magazine advertisement (US):
    "I had to think quick -- remember where I seen that key or I'd be hotfootin' it over a fire pit. That's when the headbone come flyin' at me. This wasn't gonna be no day at the beach."

    If you've got a mind like Einstein and reflexes to match, then _Montezuma's Revenge_(tm) is the game for you. It's a revolutionary game that challenges you to think smart and react fast. Join Panama Joe(tm)'s search for buried treasure. Figure a way to get him over the fire pits. Behind the locked doors. Through a hundred* rooms crawlin' with critters. Get _Montezuma's Revenge_ and get ready for action and adventure like you've never had before! Available in disc for Apple II(r), Atari(r) Computers, Commodore 64(tm), and IBM(r) in cartridge for Atari 2600(tm), Atari 5200(tm), and ColecoVision(tm).

    *24 rooms in Atari 2600.

    (Source: back cover of "Starriors" Vol. 1, No. 3, Jan 1985.)

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (64556) on Mar 03, 2008.

Back of Box - Atari 5200:
    Wherever there's mind-twisting mystery, hair-raising adventure, and non-stop action - PANAMA JOE is sure to be there. And in MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE, he's got more than he bargained for as you help him through 100 danger-filled chambers in Aztec emperor's fortress. The stakes? Priceless treasure. And lots of it. But finding necessary keys, torches, swords, and amulets is no small feat as PANAMA JOE tries to avoid deadly snakes, menacing spiders, and bouncing skulls. But then disappearing floors, bridges, and laser walls are no picnic either! It's up to you to lead this undaunted adventurer through the labyrinth of chambers in an attempt to solve the riddle of the fortress and escape with the loot!

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Dec 25, 2003.

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