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Advert in Zzap! (Issue 4 August 85 Back Page) – UK:

    EPYX goes




    Head to Head racing · Superb Animation · 6 different Circuits · On-Screen Map · Full Pit Facilities!

    "Pitstop II is a stunning and innovative arcade game and should prove to set new standards in the race game . . . The best race game yet."
    ZZAP! 64

    "The graphics are excellent and the sound is great-lots of roaring engine sounds-best of all, though, Pitstop II is great fun to play . . . A Star Game."
    Computer & Video Games - May 1985

    Contributed by FatherJack (62754) on Mar 29, 2015. - Wii:
    Pitstop II was the first racing game that brought the thrill of battling an opponent, the excitement of fighting for the lead out on the track, and the suspense of struggling to be the first out of the pits to the computer screen. Third-person graphics and a split-screen display allowed up to two players to experience the challenge of head-to-head car racing. Six of the world’s toughest racetracks are waiting, from Brands Hatch and its hairpin turns to the mile-long straight of Vallelunga. You can practice against the computer, but nothing will compare to the fun of racing against another person. That’s the whole story behind Pitstop II. It’s simple—car racing was never meant to be a solo sport!

    Contributed by Victor Vance (10125) on Mar 07, 2015.

Back of Box - C64:


    Head-to-head auto racing. Introducing true competitive auto racing, both on the track and in the pits. A split screen display allows two players to race against each other, fighting for the lead on the track and struggling to be the first out of the pits.

    You'll need a race strategy good enough to beat an opponent. But remember, his strategy might be as good as yours. Then it comes down to a test of nerves, a test of guts. Grit your teeth and hope that your tyres and fuel hold out for another lap, because if you 'pit' now it may cost you the race!

    Contributed by General Error (4364) on Oct 02, 2006.