Sid Meier's Pirates! Screenshots (PC Booter)

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Title screen (CGA)
Battle at sea (CGA)
Small Antilles
Ship Ahoy!
Checking out a port.
Fighting a jealous suitor.
Getting married.
The merchant's shop
Sailing into a port, now what do you do?
Talking with the governor.
A pirate's treasure map
Fighting with a fort's leader.
Your party is now on traveling on land.
A Spanish ship
Fighting a land battle.
Getting rewarded.
A tough looking bunch
At another port
Retirement from your days as a pirates... Guess I didn't do so well...
You rescued your long lost sister!
Meeting with a governor's daughter.
Visiting a tavern.
Let's loot this town, mateys!
The evil Spanish dude.
Meeting another governor's daughter.
You can check your log of city information at any time.
We plundered a ship!
Talking with travelers at taverns can be a good way to learn some info, but it will cost something.
Your ship's log.
Looks like captain hook here has a treasure map for sale.
Sunk an enemy ship.
A sea battle against another ship.
The enemy ship's captain is not happy with you.
Defeated a ship's captain at sword fighting.
Yet another governor's daughter.
I retire to a life of being a sailing master.
Buried treasure!
A pirate hunter!
I retired from pirating and became a major.
Ship wrecked.