Space Strike Trivia (PC Booter)

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This was the very first PC game Michael Abrash wrote.

The packaging for this game suggested that it did not come in box, but rather some sort of bubble/shell on a hanging card (similar to how most small toys are hung on hooks nowadays). This was a common practice for the early personal software industry.

The inside of the packaging is a fold-out that appeals to vendors, not consumers. This suggests that the same card was used not only for end-user packaging, but also for sending flyers to vendors in an effort to sell product to resellers. The inside text reads (optionally, refer to the box covers):

An exclusive for the

The IBM-PC owner body is growing by leaps and bounds. And they love their machine. But, there’s a shortage of great, quality software of all types... particularly games.

This is your chance to serve these valuable customers and to cash in on their great desire to enjoy games on their computers. SPACE STRIKE is an original version of the style of game that built the computer game market. It’s a fierce, demanding, and highly exciting space battle — player against the aliens. It’s enjoyable on any level, by any age... and gets even more so as they become more expert and start racking up high scores.

Don’t miss the quick sales you can make to the eager IBM-PC owners who are anxious to buy, impatient to play. To you IBM stands for Its Big Money!!! Get your share. Stock up on SPACE STRIKE now. Only $29.95 retail.

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