Battle Heat! Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

Good girls...
...and bad girls
The bad guys are watching...
Title screen A
Title screen B
Selecting the player (Tournament Mode)
The good wizard vs. the leader of the baddies
Let's rock!
Even when the fighters do nothing, the camera switches from character to character
Close-up. Kai is ready to execute his move
Cassiopeia, the bad girl, is executing a special attack
Free battle mode
This guy has obviously lost the audition for the role of Darth Vader
Oh no! She is hurt!
The bad guys (me, in this case) win...
Maybe next time I'll wear more
Cassopeia is slashing
A special button is assigned to taunting the enemy
I don't know if seeing the opponent's panties can qualify as victory....
It gets bloody...
Just look at the background behind you... stop fighting!
The ultimate battle between the leaders
The good guy won!