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Blue Breaker: Ken yori mo Hohoemi o Screenshots (PC-FX)

User Screenshots

PC-FX version

First title screen
Yup, many girls await you in this game...
Second title screen and main menu
In the beginning you choose your elemental power
Training with your dad
Son, we have a guest... this lovely blue-haired creature!
With the first girl in your party, you feel brave enough to venture into lands unknown!
This is a guild. There is one in every town-like location. They all look the same
Character information
Outside of the guild
Descending into a dungeon. Dungeons also look all the same
Fighting some foes in a dungeon
Navigate your heroes on this map
You can program your party AI in battles
Arrived at crossroads
Is this guy good or bad? Three guesses
Fighting the big baddie! You can't defeat him yet. Don't worry, he'll come again
Kingdom capital
The locations look depressingly similar. Only the enemies change
If you die in battle, you get transported to a guild bed