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Makeruna! Makendō Z Screenshots (PC-FX)

User Screenshots

PC-FX version

Our heroines!
Come on, girl, do you really go to school wearing such a skirt?..
Now you understand why PC-FX games have such a cult following? :)
Title screen
Cute options menu
Dialogues with important characters have such pictures
Nice photo...
Outside of the school
Evil janitor? But of course!
Oh no...
Typical situation!
Mei in a classroom
This guy will heal you and provide some information
With the principal and your pal Doro
Character stats. Very simple
This is a mouse. Really. It's writte in katakana: "mausu"
Demons also need to do sports!
Fans, cheer!
Visiting a hotel
Buying supplies
This is... a demonic soccer star. Seriously!
Oh... my... God
Boss battle!
Kendo attacks all have such cool pictures
Game Over...