Tonari no Princess Rolfee Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

Title screen... without the title :()
Intro: classroom...
The cute Rolfee :)
Rolfee's family. All demon-fighters or something like that
That was Rolfee's castle...
...with beautiful horses :)
First day in school...
Meeting classmates
School park
Railway station
Of course, everything is NEC :)
Outside on a street
Rolfee's new house
TV is a great new invention!
Rolfee's family
Not always good relationship in the family, eh?
You can view your parameters before going to sleep
Good night, Rolfee!
Where to go?..
On the roof. Nobody is here
Basketball in the gym!
Nyai is so patriotic :) Holding a Japanese flag :)
Buying stuff at the station
Shopping. How typical :)
Buying toys
Computer store. NEC only, of course :)