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Masquerade Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen, notice the misspelling "Jhonson" instead of Johnson
Story: P.S. - "Your reputation is widespread, the bad guys can recognize you!"
You start in a hotel room, with a hit man lying unconscious on the floor
Hotel lobby
Outside the Cheap Hotel
I'm waiting for an important call
What luck, a bra! Just what I need for my... disguise
At least the toilet escaped unharmed
You can only carry 8 items so prepare to leave stuff lying around
Paying the Zoo guard
You need to say the secret password to mr. popcorn vendor over here
Giving a book to a blind beggar. What!? That totally makes sense...
Press I to see your inventory
Get snake? Yeah sure, I'm certain that will come in handy
Slinging a rock at a gorilla, I hope PETA isn't watching
More shenanigans in the monkey house, after blowing up a hole with dynamite next to an unconscious gorilla
Carrying a snake around finally pays off
Mr. Topp, seeing you wearing all that stupid stuff... dies laughing!!