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Mugen no Shinzō III Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Intro, shmintro...
The hero doesn't know what to do
Hitting a castle
On the world map. Capital city looks a bit like Moscow
Help me, o wise old man!..
Regular town
Battle in a desert
Watch out, birdies!.. Here I come!!..
What's the matter, immobile property crisis?
Nice secluded house!..
Finally, someone joins me!..
Where'd all the furniture go?..
Exploring a cave
Zombies! Or "bionoids", as the game calls them
"Nice palace! Now we will kill you", says the high-level party
Decisive boss battle
Character info
Monsters surround me...
Hey guys, take it easy!..
Waiter, I asked for medium giant eggs