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Riglas Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Funny main menu
Starting location
They say not to kill friendly characters. But how can I know if this guard is friendly or not?..
Chasing the ladies? Looks like the opposite... :)
Rural area. People rest. Plenty of life in this early game
That's it. Unable to bear the uncertainty, I attacked a guard and was killed
Fighting hostile flowers
Chatting with a Hindu-like dude
Descending. Hostile red guy
Mysterious entrance
Enjoying the view
This magenta character shoots projectiles
Wizards attack me
What the hell is going on here?..
Hmm, looks nice... I appreciate art and all...
Killed by a very weird eye-guy
More strange structures
Decisive moment
The place is well-guarded
Are those... my people?..
Meeting a pixie
More weird characters