Silver Ghost Screenshots (PC-88)

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PC-88 version

Title screen
The king is brutally murdered...
...and anime-style characters mourn
The young prince appears
This is almost Hamlet
Team management menu
Starting area
The first house you see
Camp menu. Here you can view the entire map and decide which team to control
Town center. People, buildings, that sort of thing
Nice blue church!..
The inn looks just like the first house, only with beds
You have assembled your first team
Everyone in the team is dead. Game Over
List of soldiers in a team
Intense battle in a narrow area
Your magician team explores some ruins..
...and is ambushed by all sorts of creatures in the graveyard
This battle is tough. Human enemies mercilessly slay us
We saw some crabs on the beach
The Amazon team discovered a boat
Hey, come back here! You are with the team now!
Looks like there is no place to go...
We forget about the war and fight some fishes
Crossing an ominous swamp
We almost made it - suddenly scary creatures appeared!..
Battle in the planes
Those guys look pretty cute...
Battle in a cave
Rendez-vous with the sixth team
Archers shoot at us from the wall
The fog makes it harder to move
We'll have to make it to that mountain bridge