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Snatcher Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Before Kojima Productions, there was...
Creepy title screen
The famous Lucifer Alpha "incident" at Chernolton Research facility
50 years later, new mysterious lifeforms emerge in Japan
The bioroid Snatchers!
Snatcher is taking place two years after Policenauts
Gillian Seed was miraculously recovered from Siberian cryostasis in 2039
Gillian's new working place (sponsored by NEC of course)
Junker HQ's entrance
Mika Slayton is the sexy operator (please refrain from harassing her)
Where do you want to go from here?
Benson Cunningham is Junker's "big boss"
The resting room of Junker's detectives (aka. Runners)
Ouch! Gaudi's text parser is in Japanese!
Junker's Eye is the training shooting booth
Harry Benson is Junker's mechanic. Where have you seen his face before...?
Your new blaster. It is unbelievably light!
Metal Gear Mk. 2 (SR model). The original!
Jean-Jacques Gibson, Junker's lead Runner, has spotted Snatchers!
You're going to use the Tricycle a lot in this game
Inside the Tricycle. No time to go home and take a shower!
The old factory where Gibson called from is a derelict place
This is Gibson's personal navigator!
Poor Little John is in bad shape
There's a body down this corridor...
Gibson!! My God, his head's been twisted completely off...!