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Thunder Force Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Game demo
First order of business: Die horribly in an explosion
The goal is to destroy land targets looking for the shield generators
That little dot on the ground is what we're looking for!
Pretty much everything shoots
There are both land and air targets
Some of the enemies are very odd-looking
Made it underground...that hexagonal thing is the target!
Mission completed! Yay!
Each stage is harder than the last, somehow
There's a lot going on in this stage
Splash screen (SR ver.)
Title screen of the updated version
High scores
Nifty launch effect
This version adds a lot of visual detail, as well as the William Tell, really!
I wonder what TS could stand for...?
Wouldn't be Thunder Force if this didn't happen!
The shield generators glow red when they're uncovered, making them much easier to spot
Lots of things attacking all at once
Mission completed!
Lots going on in the second stage!
Destroying that computer will completely disable the ground defenses
The main target here glows too
Game Over
High score entry