Zeliard Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Intro. Need some toothpaste?..
The princess alone in the rain...
Never trust mysterious bluish demonic faces
Duke Garland to the rescue!
Duking it out with the king
To infinity... and beyond!
Creating a user disk - normal PC-88 procedure
First town. Lovely mountains
This pirate sells weapons and has a short temper
Religion is the only karmic way, dude. Gnarly! Flower power
You need magic? Be with you in a second...
Opening a bank account. Really!
First dungeon. A frog leaps at you. You say: Hi!
Experienced hero. Underground cave city
Here you can save your game
Inventory and equipment
Visiting an inn
This guy shoots projectiles at me
Climbing ropes
Hmm, what to do here?..
Wee! Can't jump over there...
Zombies, evil plants... oh my!
Transition screen between town and dungeon