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7 Colors Credits (PC-98)

7 Colors PC-98 Title screen


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7 Colors Credits

Original Version

Concept and Original IdeaDmitry Pashkov
IBM ProgramArkady Novikov
Amiga ProgramYannick Turbé
GraphicsNatalia Chubarova, Didier Chanfray, Dominique Girou, Yaél Barroz
Music Conversions and IBM SoundsFrédéric Mentzen
Amiga SoundsMichael Couturier

Japanese Version

DirectorAkinori Tomonaga
ProgramKimihiro Endoh
GraphicsMari Yoshimura,  Duke Nishiken
SoundsHayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto (YmoH.S)
Special ThanksFreeter Tsugachan, Yoshinobu Nakamura, Kemono Itas (Kemono Itas.), Satoshi Hatsuya (Riot Hatsugay)
and Many Other People.

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Credits for this game were contributed by CRV (1013)