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Alone in the Dark Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Cool Infogrames logo. Love this 3D animal :)
Title screen
Main menu. In Japanese (gasp!)...
Choose to play as either Edward or Emily
Ahh, the slick intro, with the 3D car...
...and 3D frog jumping... :)
The ominous mansion
Scary, isn't it? The game really draws you in immediately
Main hall
The "piano room"
Camera angles tend to change quite a lot
Action/Inventory screen
Hey, that's a weapon! Finally!
'Hey, listen, don't take it personally. I love your fashion sense. Dig the stylish purple vest, I do. But I just get all nervous when people try to slowly kill me, you know what I'm saying?..'
The death scene is beautiful. Chopin music, zombie slowly carrying the corpse away... aesthetically pleasing
Yup, that's how it is. Better luck next time, Em!..
Look, you should certainly fire whoever is responsible for security in this villa; but don't fire your interior decorator!
Oh wow! That's an item! Very nice, zoomed-in, 3D... item
One of the game's famous "Booh!..." moments. You just "triggered" this attack. Very scary and cool
Another beautiful Game Over screen
Bathroom. Hey, I really need to wash my hair... don't suppose you've got good shampoo here? No? What, the zombie used it all?.. Oh, I see...
It's really nice you put those gargoyle statue here... adds to the flavor and all... wait... IT'S NOT A STATUE?!!..
Playing as Edward. Taking out the lamp. Edward should consider shaving off the moustache. He looks like a Salvador Dali wannabe, just without the demonic eyes