Alvaleak Bōkenki Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
The past: three adventurers... mysterious cave... what happened?
Some info about Alvaleak
Emily and Riva in a cute scene :)
The home town
Character information
Adventurers' guild
The top-down map is small and very linear
Great, I was just feeling hungry!
The first weapon shop
I think we can rest here...
The Diamond Cave
Fighting some bats
This is actually a village... Locations look very similar to each other
This guy looks like someone who failed an audition for the role of the last Chinese emperor
High-tech dungeon
Weird machine-like enemies...
Boss battle against somebody from the past...
Less Burger King? More sports?..
Another part of the continent
Fire cave
Fighting two cool birds
Chatting with townspeople
Found a treasure chest!
A wholly mapped area
Checking equipment while fighting two high-level enemies
Nice purple dungeon... actually not very nice. The textures are unfortunately very bland in this game
Cool girl sells weapons :)
King, shming... I just want to get outta here
Hitting a library
Didn't your Mom tell you not to use this gesture?..
Lots of doors...
Weird enemy. Probably on drugs...