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Amaranth IV Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Our year is KH 600. Good to know!
Din in the ancient city of Posse
Character menu
Battle begins! Battle menu is displayed for each character
Introducing the characters. The young prince Deinass Stellar
Din's attack range is diagonal, since she is an archer
Dialogues have very nice portraits )
Din & friends head to Stellar...
Something thet happened eight years ago...
... in black and white. Even the baby :)
Cut-scene: Din is attacked...
The amaranth flower is here...
Nice park in Stellar
It's night... outside of Stellar castle
The castle is in serious need of renovation...
Battle: movement range
Battle: character orders
Decisive battle on the roof
There is a mini-map for each battle. ou can see that you are attacked by two groups
The king looks like he was a member of a punk rock band when he way young :)
You'll need one document from here. But where is it?
Oh, such nice tables! But no food...
Traveling on a ship
Outside of a synagogue. Or so it looks like! :-)
Nah, it was just a magic shop :)
Mysterious place... huge Light Stone...