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Arcus III Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro. Evil, evil...
Cool main menu, if I've ever seen one...
The castle is destroyed...
Poor soldiers...
Vido vs. Pikto
Starting location: town square
Character information
Hitting a bar
A room for four, please!
If his armor is so good, why did he lose his eye?..
Outside of the town
The movement on the map is not interactive
King's castle
Harbor. ou can travel to the other continent from here, much later
Typical tower/shrine dungeon. They look pretty much alike in the first part of the game
Picasso probably worked on character graphics here
In a tower, in front of a door
You little meanies... wait till I deal with you!
Beautiful view!
Forest dungeon
Battle in a forest
Exploring a mountain cave
Enemies look more and more intimidating as the game progresses
Palace dungeon
Female magic users. Don't waste your magic on them!
Found a treasure chest. "Dan!" means I bumped into the wall :)
Casting fire on a green dragon
Finally, capital city!
Beautiful icy dungeon!
Attacked by a group of birds
This snowy village looks great
Let's just sleep for now...
Exploring a cool-looking desert
Two high-level enemies attack
This guy looks tough. Better check your equipment...