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Bible Master 2: The Chaos of Aglia Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
One of the first controllable protagonists has his own appearance...
...and so do plenty of other characters, in stylish scenes...
...and close-up
Starting menu
Characters are introduced with short bios
Pre-battle dialogue
Err... I hope she isn't cold
Zooming out on the battle screen
Character menu
Town menu
In an inn
A new character is introduced in a comical scene
You decide to forget about the war and just get drunk
Buying weapons and armor
Whenever two units are nearby this comparison appears
Automatic animated battle
It can get pretty nasty
Err... yeah. Sure. Let's just focus on the game
View of the continent
Mission description
Accessing a village
Not much to see in this village inn
Obvious anger management problems