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Chicks' Tale Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Company logo
Mouse or keyboard? Cute screen :)
Title screen
Main menu
Nice bra...
This is where the card game takes place
Let's play!
Game in progress
They kinda look too young for such a thing... but with those Japanese "cute" graphics, we never know...
Can I open my eyes now?..
Wow, four kings!
Alright, so here's my story: one time I went to a hairdresser's...
...who started cutting my hair... but not THIS hair... THAT hair... you know what I'm saying?..
...after which, naturally, the only thing I could do was have sex with him!
The girl at the top left is the champion for this round
The sexual stories begin with such cut-scenes
Blowjob in cinema...
After losing this round, I just feel like sharing with you guys my first sexual experience...
Naughty girl...
Right. Like we didn't know about the Japanese's obsession with schoolgirls...