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Crystal Chaser: Tenkū no Masuishō Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen A
Title screen B, with some English text...
Main menu
The five magical crystal orbs
Intro: Takanoshin
Yup, that's the Earth
Behold the country of Japan!
Chaper One begins
You start as Noichigo
The sub-menus are pretty rich for a Japanese adventure
Noichigo and Takanoshin in their home town
Takanoshin is training with his dad
Noichigo. Cute graphics :)
Oh no! You bad girl!..
Dramatic scene
Meanwhile, in the Lair of Evil (TM)...
Where to go, where to go?..
She is kinda cute for a bad girl :)
Welcome to our teahouse!
Groovy shop
Looks like somebody has joined us...
Is this... love? :)
Right. What to do now?..
Noichigo becomes a pop singer! :)
Nice hotel!
That looks pretty high-tech...
Sailing towards the unknown future...