Desire Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Album mode
Our hero on the way
View of the island
Makoto is thoughtful
Standard menu options
Moving through the hotel corridors
In front of the research center
Talking to Chris
For some reason Al always has more menu options than Makoto
Sorry, can you stop for a moment? I just wanted to know where you buy your underwear
Those secretaries... wild folk, eh?
If only this game were as inventive in gameplay as it is in depicting sexual positions...
Oh, how romantic...
Night has fallen upon the island...
Dramatic cut scene
Finally meeting Al face to face
Beautiful scenery. New verb to choose!
Spying on Kyle
You just realized I was a spy. My duty is to kill you. But I prefer having sex. I'm weird that way
This scenario opens after you've completd the other two
I still remember this scene in the Saturn version. There it was censored and made a sweet, innocent impression... I thought Tina was just a little girl...
Here is where the biggest mystery lies...