D.P.S: Dream Program System Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Each scenario is presented as a cartridge in a fictional "console"
The lovely princess
Aww, the princess... should we take advantage of her or not?..
It wouldn't be a complete Japanese game without some sort of tentacle porn, now would it?..
The princess is saved... but at what cost?
The knight begins his valiant "assault"...
The doctor/patient story
Come on, girls, move it, move it...
Now THAT's better! :)
Err... excuse me, sensei... I... have a pain... right here...
Let's start our "examination"...
Doctor, what are you... studying?..
The pop idol story
Viewing the story from the idol's perspective
The poor fan is not allowed to see her idol
Finally, a meeting!
Ahh, we are lucky...
The fan is doing strange things with the idol...
Sexual choices