GaoGao! 3rd: Wild Force Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
A chapter begins...
Meeting in the forest
Rabbit girls also wear bras... :)
Mysterious cave
Is she a mermaid?.. I mean, where's the tail?.. :)
Oh wow! Haven't expected that... I thought it was a hentai game with pretty animal girls and all...
The hero is treated to a massage ;)
Strange room...
Post-apocalyptic lesbian animal fetish sex!!!... ... I can't believe I just wrote that
This looks like a complex... errr... exercise...
...but nothing compared to THIS!..
Dig the gauntlet!
Raw animal sex... :)
Central square
Need weapons?..
Dramatic situation...
For the third time, I meet this girl. She appears in every GaoGao game
Lovely effects
Hey, can I eat that blackberry, or whatever it is? I'm hungry...
Hotel room...
...for some relaxation :)
Hey, you really scared me. For a moment I thought there was a huge snake monster in the room
Prepare to fight, warriors!..
Discovered a mysterious treasure room
The obligatory sex with an underage girl - this time with a twist: she has wings!..
I'll just look the other way...
Later chapters. High-tech environments
Mysterious door
Even sacred guardians can't resist Wolf's charms! :)
Fateful meeting...
Even the waitress can't resist Wolf!...
Yeah, romance and wine...
Extras menu
Yup, she is a legendary warrior... with great legs :)
This is some serious gymnastics there, sis
The obligatory S&M scene