Gemfire Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
We'll see magical monsters...
...and pretty girls... with magical monsters :)
The six gems are released...
Main menu
Choosing your ruler and his advisors
Your orders, my lord?..
Less talking, more fighting!..
Yeah, that's more like it!..
Viewing country statistics
Protect the flag!..
A dragon attacks a magician with fire! The magician tries to hide in his protective bubble
Cavalry beats infantry
The magician, psychologically bothered by the dragon's onslaught, finds a healthy way to deal with stress and frustration: he fries enemy soldiers with a lightning
Looks like there shall be changes in the political system, har har, har har!..
Intense battle in a bushy area
This wizard is even more crazy... he can throw fireballs
The female monster reacts. Now the wizard has to hide in a bubble :)
Archers can shoot from a distance