Illusion City: Gen'ei Toshi Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen, Part I
Title screen, Part II
Main menu
Hong Kong, the Illusion City
Tianren and Meihong, the heroes
Tianren's apartment
In the PC-98 version, dialogues are displayed in separated boxes with portraits
Party statistics
Taking an elevator
High-tech environments
Talking to a punk
Disco and bar
This automatic car is your transportation means
Old Master's house
Colorful market area
Nantian is entering the assembly of gods
The Motianwang, a powerful celestial being
Tianren and Meihong are invited to this VIP office
This cult might be evil, but they sure know how to decorate their temples!..
The slums district
Battle in an abandoned facility
The graphics are really very nice and detailed
The ghost-like enemies are visible on screen