Jealousy Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro. It's just a computer game the protagonist is playing
The princess performs a blowjob in the game :)
Hero's fantasies
Attacked by goons
What are you waiting for, go save her!..
Some background story concerning Kotarou's financial situation
Club entrance
Talking to the waiter
Cruel things happen here...
Decisions, decisions...
Walking back with your boss
A mysterious appearance...
Outside of Kotarou's new place
Wild orgy
This looks like some sort of a bizarre ritual...
Watching the news
The obligatory schoolgirl
Here, she doesn't look like a schoolgirl any more...
One of the few screens with several commands
Shady society...
Masturbation scene
Animated scene
Nice place...
Deciding which table to go to first
Dig those stars... :)
Another example of an animated... err... encounter