Joker Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Home village. Note the many interaction possibilities
Talking to Laura
Village elder
In the town; hitting a bar
Main town navigation menu
Interaction possibilities in the inn
I ordered a room. Great. Now what?..
The brothel is closed during the day. What a pity... :)
Zooming on a table. Maybe I'll get some information?..
Yet another bar. Placing your order. Trying to order a girl...
Less important dialogues are displayed with those small portraits
The priest can save your game in the church
24-hour convenience store
Chatting with pretty women
The town at night
Conversation with a prostitute
Note the many sexual interaction possibilities :)
The brothel at night
Chatting with Helena
Sex with Helena
Wild West-like scene
She doesn't look like a whore...
...and she doesn't act like one. Hmm. What's wrong here?..