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Kawarazakike no Ichizoku Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Getting acquainted with all the girls
Not all the characters here are female...
Nice... angle
Choices, choices...
It's a Japanese game. Sex and torture go together in this country
Protagonist's room
Background graphics are pretty nice in this game
Hmm... what is this picture?..
You'll see this corridor a lot
It's nice to see that young people develop communication these days
No need for X-ray
Oh wow, THREE choices! Deep, open-ended gameplay!!..
Sinister clouds over the gate...
Confucius says: "stop submitting those hentai games!"
Traditional shower scene
This looks scary...
One of the bad endings: the protagonist is imprisoned
"Seduce the underage girl" - Japanese slogan for young men
Wow, you can choose a car! It's almost GTA!..
Don't be so shy...