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Last Guardian 2: Yomi no Fūin Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Cute Studio Inferno logo :)
Title screen
Miriana, Badio's girlfriend, and the main heroine in this sequel. What a hottie :)
Beautiful colors...
Badio is thinking...
Cut scenes have those large portraits
You can read biographies of characters
Pre-battle menu
It's battle time!
Viewing character stats
Leveling up in the middle of a battle!
Gory cut scene...
Whoa, stop it there! It's not a hentai game!
Comical graphics in some cut scenes...
I will show Luke the true power of the Dark Side, master... or something like that
Bad guys are scheming
The movement on the world map is automatic
More funny graphics :)
This girl is evil? Tsk, tsk...
Almost all of us have turned into beasts!