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Mercurius Pretty Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
The beginning. Tiny homunculus...
Viewing the homunculus' stats
This is supposed to be a dancing class :)
This demon will interfere sometimes and may even kill the homunculus
Calling upon the Nymph spirit
The Salamander spirit will increase the homunculus' vitality
Sylphid needs a bigger bra
The gnome spirit. No, 'm!
Conversing with a child homunculus. She is sick...
Such scenes are triggered by using crystals, and greatly increase some of the homunculus' stats
You get more money
Reading books
The "angry" emotion
This dude will offer exams to the homunculus
The homunculus is bigger now. The attitude is still the same :)
Boring classes... :)
It's more interesting to visit a fair! ...and swap floppy disks...
Train on the noble path of a warrior
Choices, choices...
Apparently, the magic path teaches you how to profit from sex shop accessories
It's holiday time!
The homunculus has reached the third stage
Come on, grown-up girls shouldn't cry
You successfully finished a conversation; emotion at highest!
I wasn't quite prepared for such encounters...
I always hated chemistry
Mysterious scenes further advance the homunculus' spiritual path
You can also choose to proceed on the path of leisure
There is darkness in her soul...
Throwing a banquet
The homunculus looks more and more human
The fourth transformation
Her philosophy can be influenced rather easily...