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Night Slave Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen A
Title screen B
The big guns are coming...
The chief of Steel Fox
Steel Fox operative. Highly... err... trained in... err... various activities, I'm sure... *ahem* :)
The game features many characters, with an epic over-arching plot
Goldman, the head of Neo Logic corporation
The famous assault suit
Choosing your weapons before a mission
Missions frequently begin with such interactive cut scenes, with dialogue and action occurring simultaneously
Rei vs. big stationary gun. While the stupid gun shoots up, I blast it to pieces
Exploring a narrow tunnel. Power-up is ahead, guarded by a suspiciously-looking tank
Wow! This is almost like ballet dancing :)
Erotic reminiscence...
A dead end?..
Mysterious underground base
Don't stand there... you might get hurt!
Erica, a girl from your past... now on enemy's side. She looks pretty hot :)
More enemy introduction. Hey, maybe we should make peace with them?.. :)
...They have their own interesting way of... err... convincing people...
Ohh, shooting poor little people...
The plane will accompany you during this stage. But you spectacularly jump over it...
Okay, let's try again...
Jungle level. Note the weather effects!
Second mission, final boss. Be careful of this claw of his!
Between world-saving missions, the girls just want to relax a bit... you know... innocently...
... ... this don't look so innocent no more, eh?..
Ahh, the passion unleashed after having blasted tanks and robots to pieces... Mmmm... :)