Princess Maker 2 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Choosing your daughter's birthday...
The father is a great hero...
Your daughter is born :)
Your daughter is just a child now. Viewing her stats
Shopping, shopping!
Visiting a castle
Choosing a job
Religion lesson :)
It's too hot... :)
Going to school... your knowledge rises
Do you want her to become an artist?..
Exploration mode. Town gate
Fighting a nasty-looking bug...
Conversation outside
It's night... Fighting a scorpion
Trying not to fall into water...
Monster attacks!
Tower to the North. Who is there?!..
Competitions menu
FIFA World Cup? Nah, just a martial arts competition :)
My opponent is way too strong for me...
Cooking competition! :)
Are you sure that's what you want your daughter to wear when she is eighteen?
Ahh, we have a lot of equipment!
Babysitting! :)
Working as a bunny girl in a cabaret...
...and as a wh... err... HOSTESS in a night club!
Doctor, is it me, or does my daughter have an unhealthy interest in... occult?
Everything matters. Keep studying dark magics too much, and that's what happens... the devil comes for you!
This guy basically wants to sleep with your daughter for money. She is frowning, but keep lowering her morals, and she might agree!..
Vacation: mountains
Vacation: sea
Dancing competition!
No, this is not a hack or illegal mode. That's how your daughter will look like if... well, if you unequip all her clothes! What a way to celebrate a birthday...
There are many outcomes to your education. Your daughter can become a princess...
...a court magician...
...a witch!...
...or a prostitute! Nice going, Dad!..