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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Beautiful main menu
Selecting warlords
Generating warlord statistics
Main in-game menu
Art thou sure, my lord?..
List of all possible orders
Countries available for diplomacy
Diplomacy options
You got married :)
Viewing options
The evil Dong Zhuo, in an early scenario
Work, peasants! WORK!!...
Sending goods to other countries...
...and then receiving some!
More detailed map
List of leaders
This is the famed Cao Cao
Gotta keep people occupied...
They surely had fun back in old China!..
Discussing a peace agreement
To war!..
Battle field. Figuring out where to place your soldiers
Lots of various events occur...
...such as this rebellion
Natural events occur as well
Almost conquered enemy town...
People can get sick as well
Battle on a peninsula