Sex Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Mr. Funk appears!
Nana: starting screen
Be romantic...
The Force is strong with this one!!
Nana is seducing you
You know how to make a woman feel well!
Looks like we've made progress...
...and even more progress!..
...and... and... and... the "great deed" is done
Passionate dialogue with Makoto
Makoto has... imagination
Makoto is posing
Makoto is guiding you
Check out the precise choices
This is just a part of all possible positions and "activities" in this game
This surely looks... inviting
Oh my God. The obligatory innocent, child-like girl. I have to ask: are Japanese pedophiles?..
Trying to be tender with her
Ai is taking off her panties
Save or not?
"Preparing" Ai
At least he is tender with her...
Depending on your choices, the girls will wear different costumes
Ai is... surprised
The "hero" finally has his way with this little girl
And looks like Ai is enjoying
You can access the graphics in the album
This is one of the more sexy scenes here. Makoto is surely... interesting