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SimCity Credits (39 people)


Concept and DesignWill Wright
Contributions to DesignJeff Braun, Robert Strobel, Brian Witt
Macintosh ProgrammingRobert Strobel, Brett G. Durrett, Will Wright
IBM ProgrammingDaniel Goldman, Will Wright
Graphic ArtworkDon Bayless, Will Wright
SoundsSteve Hales
DocumentationMichael Bremer, Cliff Ellis, Akila Redmer
Contibutions to DocumentationTom Bentley, Will Wright
City ScenariosJonathan Trachtenberg, Brett G. Durrett
Package and Documentation DesignRichard Bagel DESIGN!, Santa Rosa
Package IllustrationKurt West (for Richard Bagel DESIGN!)
TestersDan Angeli, Sean Blair, Keith Brumbaugh, Jonathan Trachtenberg, Jeff Lamb
Special thanks toJeff Braun, Brian Hales, Bruce Joffe, Joell Jones, Edward Kilham, Stan Kalisher (of Impulse), Kazue Osugi, Broderbund Software
Dedicated toCassidy Wright (as Cassidy)


Program byShinya Yamada, YĆ«suke Matsuo
Program assistantKazuyoshi Horiguchi, Yoko Kawamoto
Pictures edited byShinji Yamamoto
Manual TEXfied byShigeya Suzuki
Directed byNobuyuki Suzuki
Special thanks toJeff Braun, Will Wright, Daniel Goldman, Michael Bremer, Kazue Osugi, Mineto Tamate, Naoshi Wakatabe, Nobuhiro Osuga, and lots of Testers[you know]

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Credits for this game were contributed by Infernos (23307)