SimCity Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Configuration screen
Title screen
Scenario select
Building a new city. Generating map
Zooming in the edit mode
Financial situation
A patriarchal, small town, where the only natural disaster is "boredom", as the game says :) It's up to you to change that!..
Oh wow, now THAT's a city!
California earthquake!..
Coastal area in San Francisco
I just decided to build a complex railway network in the middle of nowhere. Who cares if nobody is ever going to use it?.. :)
Hamburg, 1944. Bombs are falling!..
Underdeveloped city. Needs some more work...
Yup, what this city needs is a subway system...
Mysterious building on the island... like that prison in "The Count of Monte Cristo"!...
Now this is HUGE...
It's nice to have such a park in the middle of the city!..
Detroit. Ships on the river...
Rio de Janeiro: flood!..
Futuristic Boston: atomic meltdown! It's 2010, according to the game... I haven't heard about it yet :)
A giant monster is attacking Tokyo!...
The green monster has just eaten up a building and is standing there, perplexed. Meanwhile, I send helicopters to deal with it!
Title screen (8 color mode)
Scenario selection (8 color mode)
San Francisco 1906 (English/8 color mode)