Soft de Hard na Monogatari Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

The first screen you see is a Novel Ware announcement which mimics the intro of DOME...
...and goes into a fake title screen of the game DAME! :)
Finally, the real title screen of this humorous game
The hero begins his day
Graphics are often superimposed
The hero plays a fictional game
DAME is a masterpiece! :)
Talking to the secretary
In a car. "Nice legs", you think
Cruising around
Welcome, temporary boss!..
Actions menu
You can choose not to treat work too seriously...
...and perhaps switch to art?
Viewing game releases
Working on DAME
Awaiting orders
A new RPG might be a nice idea
It's late. The office is empty...
Meeting outside
Oh no, what's going on?..
Choices in a bar
Don't disappoint her!
It's a madhouse. A madhouse!!..