Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen...
...and sub-title screen
Intro, in Japanese :)
What's the first place our hero goes to? Bar, of course!
The evil Vohaul talks to Roger
Roger is dropped on a strange planet... in the far future, Space Quest XII! :)
Roger is admiring the inferior graphics of the PC-98 version :)
The famous Sierra "VGA interface"
Close-up for more interaction
One of the many, many funny death scenes...
Yeah... not a pretty sight. Instant game over, too
Exploring a room. Talking to the pipes won't help, Roger
Sewer exploration
Be quick, Roger!
Ahh, the copy protection of the floppy version... How good of you to retain it for the PC-98 version, too...
Punching in coordinates for the Time Ripper
Roger is in Space Quest III! Very dangerous!
Yeah, now that's more like it!
Cut-scene: Roger is carried away by a giant bird!
Inventory screen
Wow... hehe... I mean... you don't look... errr... very *dangerous* to me... ya know what I'm saying? Hehehe...
There are worse tortures in the world, I guess!..
...but is any worse than THIS?!?!..
Now I now why they ported this game to PC-98. Because it has a TENTACLE MONSTER!!.. Hahaha!... Good one, isn't it?..
The famous Skate-o-Rama
Software shop is always full :)
Radio SHOCK :)
The famous Astro Chicken mini-game!
You know, I just wish my boss weren't such a... pig :)