Sword World PC Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
The mythology of Forcelia...
...and its battles
Character creation. Generic human fighter
Half-elves look nice
The starting city. The map looks identical to India for some reason
Generic tavern
Status screen
Rooms are quite small and bland
Talking to an item shop owner
Fighters guild
Wow, what a nice place!
Higher-level female half-elf fighter-ranger with good equipment
Is there anything you wish... young man?
Damn, I need weapons!
Standard harbor area
You can view the map of the area here
The party discovers a strange pedestal
Story-advancing dialogue
Some of the dungeons are quite maze-like
Battle in the mountains!
Finally some trees around...
Secluded house. At least there is a fireplace
A desert with a strange hole
This girl is lost